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You can download mxm products here.

Due to it's technical and international nature, this section is in english.

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mxm Project Manager

"mxm Project Manager" is a simple but efficient project management tool. It is designed to handle project with less than a hundred participants. The typical use case would then be medium sized organisations.

It has "gant" and "workload" views. You can add projects, milestones and tasks/todos. Tasks can be assigned to members. Members can report their time usage on their assigned tasks.

Project managers can alert members of new tasks, and members can alert project managers on their progress. All by email notifications.

Project managers have an overview on time usage for all projects, per project and per milestone.

Project managers also have a birds eye view on project participants workloads.

mxmPM has several content types


Projectmanager View

A projectmanager contains projects. It displays these projects in a Gant diagram. this gives a simple timeline based view.

Projectmanager View

Projectmanager Edit

There are a few special editing options for the projectmanager. Notably you can set the standard number of hours worked per day in your organization.

Projectmanager Edit

Projectmanager Time usage

Project managers can get an easy overview on how time is being spent in the organization. They can also see if any tasks are running late, and by how much.

Projectmanager Time

Projectmanager Participants

Project managers can get an overview of the particpants workload, by a color coded timeline. White means that a particpant has no hours assigned. Black means that he is at 100%. Red means "overtime". Yellow means "severe overtime". Workload is calculated according to the "hours per day" set in the projectmanager.

Projectmanager Participants

Projectmanager Participant

Project managers can see how hours are assigned to a single participant.

Projectmanager Participant


Project View

A project consists of milestones. Milestones can be ordered, so that one must end before another one starts. Currently this is not strictly enforced.

Project View

Project Edit

Note that a project can be in different "project states". This can be used for generating custom reports/views.

Project Edit


Milestone View

Milestone View

Milestone Edit

Milestone Edit


The task in mxmPM is the "Todo" from "mxmCalendarTypes". More info is available here



  • Managing projects, milestones and tasks could be better. Setting "start" and "end" times in the "edit" view is clunky. "Ajaxification" would be nice!
  • Time reports. More detailed time reports would be nice.





You need to install "mxmCalendarTypes" for it to work. The "Todo" is used as the tasks in the milestones.



You can get it here

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