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Due to it's technical and international nature, this section is in english.

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mxm Help

If you use Plone for intranet use, you sometimes need a tool for internal documentation. Like a Windows help file, only for Plone. That is what mxmHelp tries to be.

It is like a "site in the site." Just add a mxmHelp object anywhere in your site. In that you can add "mxmHelpFolders" and "mxmHelpDocuments" Nothing else. It is kept to a minimum by design.


Often when you need help, you don't want to leave the part of the site where you had the trouble. So the smartest thing is if the help system opens in a new browser window. But then it is impractical to have the entire Plone Site structure in that window too.

So when you go to a page in the help system, it has it's own menu, icons and search box. Again it is keept to a bare minimum what it can do.


Per default Anonymous can view documentation. To change that you must go to the security tab in the Zope management Interface. For the permission "mxmHelp: view" uncheck "Anonymous"





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