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Due to it's technical and international nature, this section is in english.

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The built in calendar types in Plone are pretty simple and not really suitable for writing advanced calendar applications. mxmCalendarTypes is a collection of content types that are usefull for that. It does not have a calendar interface in itself, but is easy to add to other calendars. mxmCalendartypes consists of three new content types: 'mxmEvent', 'mxmTodo', 'mxmJournal'.

mxmCalendarTypes have several extra and enhanced features


  • Support for a far larger subset of the icalendar standard.
  • Better import/export. (Import is by using next version of mxm_icaltool)

Event edit

Attendees list

  • Advanced management interface for attendees.
  • Attendees can be added to events. Both members and non members.
  • They can be exported correctly to ical.
  • Attendees can set their own status on the event, without having editing permission.
  • Their role in the event can be defined.
  • The attendees can be email notified about events.
  • The organizer can receive email notifications when attendees change their participation status.

Attendees management

Individual subjects

  • Because they are different content types, they do not need to share subjects.

Priroity of the event

Events can be prioritized for better sorting.

Global event status

  • Like another workflow state.

"Free Time" search

  • Need to find a free hour when the attendees have time to meet next? That is built in.

Free time search

Enhanced Todo/Task content type

  • Much better for project management tasks.
  • Start, due and completion date.
  • Allocated time for todo.
  • Percent completed.
  • Time used by individual attendees on todo.
  • Estimated time left calculated by time used and percent completed.

Todo Edit

"Your used time"

The used time and attendee status can be set by the member, if the event is visible to that member.

Todo view


If you want to export the events as ical, you need to install the icalendar library. Get it here .


  • Saving of additional ical data







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