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Above in this comment thread: mxmContacts » Plone 3

code fix for plone 3 compatibility

Posted by Anonymous User at 2007-10-08 04:28 PM
just make the following changes to (comment/delete the commented lines, add the last line).

#from Products.CMFCore import CMFCorePermissions
#from Products.CMFCore.CMFCorePermissions import setDefaultRoles, ListFolderContents
#from Products.CMFCore.CMFCorePermissions import AddPortalMember
from Products.CMFCore.permissions import setDefaultRoles, ListFolderContents, AddPortalMember

any ideas on mxmCalendarTypes?

additional code fix for plone 3 compatibility

Posted by Anonymous User at 2008-03-19 08:57 PM
In addition to the code fix above, I had to change the following line

replace this line:
from Products.CMFCore.CMFCorePermissions import View

with the following:
try: # New CMF
from Products.CMFCore.permissions import View
except ImportError: # Old CMF
from Products.CMFCore.CMFCorePermissions import View