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Import/export works with text. Not html.

Posted by maxm at 2006-03-13 10:33 AM
Because of importing/exporting to .vcf/.csv files, which doesn't support html but only plain text, I choose to use a text field.

If you don't need import and export, you can just go to and edit the TextField('body',...) fields. There are two code blocks. One with RichWidget and one with TextAreaWidget. If you toggle the comments on those two block, it should work with the RichWidget, and so with Kupu.

But it will probably give you problems if you try to do exports. The correct approach would probably be to use html in the comment, and then strip it for import/export.

This is now on the todo.

geeklibrarian here from #plone

Posted by Anonymous User at 2006-03-14 10:52 PM
geeklibrarian here from #plone

The whole thing about the import/expor makes complete sense, thanks for pointing that out.

I look forward to an updated version that will strip the HTML.

Any thoughts on why the Print icon doesn't show up in the search results list?