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You can download mxm products here.

Due to it's technical and international nature, this section is in english.

Max M Has a blog too.

og er glad for mad



Above in this comment thread: mxmContacts » Install mxmContacts?

same as any Zope product ..

Posted by Anonymous User at 2005-11-03 10:22 PM
Download mxmContacts.2.0.1.tar.gz linked above, extract it in the Products
directory of your Zope installation, restart Zope.

Now go to the site setup area of your Plone instance, go to Add/Remove Products,
and install mxmContacts.

Install Difficulty

Posted by Anonymous User at 2006-12-05 01:18 AM
Added mxmContacts to instance/Products, restarted Zope. Using Plone 2.1. mxmContacts shows up as installed, and I added the different types (resource,org,person,etc) to the site, but nothing has been added - don't see anywhere to add contacts. Do I need to create a specific mxmContacts folder somewhere?