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Due to it's technical and international nature, this section is in english.

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Open Source

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Products from mxm relased under an open source license. (Due to it's technical and international nature, this section is in english.)
Open Source CMFBoard Uninstaller
A script that uninstalls CMFboard, and reinstalls the default Plone discussion tool. CMFBoard is a nice forum, but sometimes you need to use another one. If you have made it take over as the default portal_discussion tool, it can be a pain to uninstall.
Open Source Default Member Contents script
This is a short script that shows how to add some default content to new Member areas in Plone.
Open Source iCalendar package
iCalendar package for parsing and generating iCalendar files.
Open Source IIS utilities for Python
A small collection of utilities, "winFieldStorage" & "request", that makes it easier to work on Microsofts IIS webserver using the Python programming language.
Open Source Mailhost MonkeyPatch
A monkeypatch for saving emails in the var dir instead of sending them. Saves with this structure: /var/MailHostMonkeyPatch/
Open Source MemberIdMonkeyPatch
Sometimes you need to use email adresses as member ids. This "Monkeypatch" allows that. The work was sponsored by Headnet,
Open Source Minimal Plone Skin
This package makes it simple to install a filesystem based skin. It is basically a very slight modification of the "ExampleFileSystemSkin" that uninstalls a bit nicer, and adds a little fewer files. It also has a rename script that makes renaming the files simpler.
Open Source Minimal Plone Skin Tool
Installs a tool and a skin in your Plone site. Has a rename script so you can call it whatever you want.
Open Source Minimal Plone Tool
Sometimes you want to use an external method. Sometimes you want to use more than one. Some time you want to make a new content type that needs a tool for common tools. This is a minimal base class for making tools.
Open Source MinimalArchetype
A basic Archetype content type, that can be unpacked in the products directory, and used as a base for new content types.
Open Source mxm Calendar Types
The built in calendar types in Plone are pretty simple and not really suitable for writing advanced calendar applications. mxmCalendarTypes is a collection of content types that are usefull for that. It does not have a calendar interface in itself, but is easy to add to other calendars. mxmCalendartypes consists of three new content types: 'mxmEvent', 'mxmTodo', 'mxmJournal'.
Open Source mxm Content Rules
In Plone you often need to restrict the types of content that a member can add to a part of the site. The usual way to do it is to creates a new content type based on a folder, and then restrict what content can be put into that content type. This tool solves the same problem in another way. You define some rules describing what content can go where.
Open Source mxm CV
A few simple content types for making competency profiles or a curriculum vitae (CV)
Open Source mxm Dynamic Page
The mxm Dynamic Page product for Plone makes it easy for end-users to make dynamic pages that aggregates lists of content from a part of a Plone site. In short, it makes it easy to add dynamic lists to a document. It is especially usefull as an "index_html" in a member folder, where the member then has the option to make dynamic lists of his content. But it can also be used to easily make custom versions of the common "news" page, or pages similar to that.
Open Source mxm Help
If you use Plone for intranet use, you sometimes need a tool for internal documentation. Like a Windows help file, only for Plone. That is what mxmHelp tries to be.
Open Source mxm Ical Tool
A tool for importing and exporting iCalender (.ics) files. to/from a Plone site.
Open Source mxm Imap Client
mxmImapClient is an Imap client for Plone.
Open Source mxm Project Manager
"mxm Project Manager" (mxmPM) is a simple but efficient project management tool. It is designed to handle project with less than a hundred participants. The typical use case would then be medium sized organisations.
Open Source mxm Proxy Tool
The mxmProxyTool is a Zope tool that fetches content from an external web source. The content can then be inserted in a page template or dtml page on your own site. Generally speaking, it makes it possible to browse another website, inside the look and feel of your own. It is thought of as a quick and dirty way to integrate external websites with a Zope site.
Open Source mxm Workgroups for Plone
mxm Workgroups makes collaboration easy and possible for networked and virtual organisations. It is a way to make shared "workspaces" where groups of people can collaborate, that are just as simple to manage as a normal Plone folder.
Open Source mxmContacts
mxmContacts is a Plone product for managing contacts. Both contacts as individuals and organizations. It is based on Archetypes.
Open Source mxmCounter package for Zope
A simple filesystem based hit counter for Zope, CMF & Plone, for multiple pages.
Open Source Python Midi Package
The Python Midi package is a collection of classes handling Midi in and output in the Python programming language.
Open Source Version File
A very simple product for managing different versions of files.