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Default Contents To New Plone Member Folders

This is a short script that shows how to add some default content to new Member areas in Plone.


In Plone 2.x there is a hook for modifying a member folder after it has been created.

You should put a script (Python) called notifyMemberAreaCreated, in your custom skin folder. (I asume that people using filesystem skins will know what to do instead.)

I have made an example that copies the content from a plone folder to any new member folders that are created.


Currently it looks for the default content in a folder called default_member_content. But it should (hopefully) be obvious from the source how to change it to another folder.

Put this folder at the root of your Plone site, and put any folders and content you want to be added to the new member folders in there.

Get it here

For it to work, you need to give the notifyMemberAreaCreated script the proxy role of "Manager".

Proxy role screenshot

That should be it.


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Created by maxm
Last modified 2004-04-16 03:57 PM

It works well, so thanks, but...

Posted by Anonymous User at 2004-05-14 05:12 PM
...the content that I include in the folder is not visible on the Users' home page area (although it is visible in the Members folder). Is this a permissions issue? Also, this doesn't seem to work for Wikis (ZWiki) or Blogs (Simpleblog). Thanks for your help with this - it is just that I would like to present new users with this content all ready to go...

work with cmfmember

Posted by Anonymous User at 2004-10-25 08:17 AM
had this working very well until tried it out with cmfmember. Looked at collector issues #62 ... not sure what wrapUser is. But not able to figure out what to change to get this to work with cmfmember. Have you had a chance to look at this?


ownership issue

Posted by Anonymous User at 2004-12-17 03:42 PM
I have some problems with the ownership of the new content created from the objects in the default_member_content folder. The member-folder are owned by the newly created member but the other content are owned by another user that is logged in at the time (this is a guess, the most importent is that they are not owned by the newly created member).

Any idea what is happening?


Get User ID?

Posted by Anonymous User at 2005-04-16 03:06 AM
Hey, this script works great but is there a way to find out who the user getting created is? Also, where does this script get called from?