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Due to it's technical and international nature, this section is in english.

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This part of the site contains code snippets, articles, documents, how-to's etc.
Papers Basic AT Template
I always use this page as a base for new views on Archetype based content, so I might as well put it here for easy retrieval.
Papers - A Simple Yet Very Practical CSV import module
I have made this simple module for converting a csv file to a list of dicts with unicode keys and values.
Papers Extending kupu for Plone #1
I found it difficult to write code for adding a new button to Kupu, so I am retracing my steps here in the hope that it might help others.
Papers Installing Plone on Unix Derivatives
Often it can be difficult get the steps right to install Zope/Plone on Linux/BSD machines. Here is some bash code that shows a few good procedures.
I often need html tables generated from a list. I use this small library for that. I never seem to be able to find it on my harddisk, so here it is. Mostly for my own sake.
Papers Z3 Without Compiler
Papers Zope automatic startup script
If you want to make Zope start automatically on a Linux machine, you need to put a startup script into '/etc/rc.d/init.d'. I remember finding this script somewhere on on the web. It is normally part of a .rpm file i think, but if you install from source you don't have it. So I put it up here. it probably needs som fixing to work in anything but redhat.